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Book your place to view Istanbul from the sky, a city that has been home to many civilizations in history and smells 8 thousand years of history with its culture and architecture. It is very easy to see this culture capital, which is the focus of hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, from a bird's eye view with Mottojoy!

The 15-minute helicopter tour, which is ev...


Min. 2 Person

Event Duration

1 Hours



Weather Conditions


Event Location

4, Ayazağa, 180. Sk., 34396 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye

Comments / Evaluation


Remarkable views… Give it a go ... you'll love it.

Did the 15 minutes flight, best way to see Istanbul 

Üç gün önce nişanlıma evlenme teklifi yaptığım tur… Bizimle özel olarak ilgilenen tüm MottoJoy ekibine teşekkür ederim. Hayatımızın en özel anlarından birini unutulmaz kıldınız..

It was one of the best experience in our entire life. We could not imagine a 15 minutes trip can make a big memory for us. We enjoyed every second of our flight so that it was like a dream. We love you Istanbul!

This was a great experience for both my wife and myself. I set it up as a birthday present for her and I am sure it’s one she won’t soon forget. Her city, my trip :)

Doğduğum şehri bambaşka bir açıdan gördüm. Kesinlikle eşsiz bir deneyim. Dünyanın en güzel şehirlerinden biri değil, kesinlikle en güzeli!

What can we say, awesome city views!